About FSH

So why did I set up Fit Slim Happy?

I love being fit. I love talking about fitness and I genuinely think that it can help you be happy.

But I wasn’t always into fitness.

You’re probably not that interested in who I am…. but I have never been that stick thin 18-year-old you see advertising clothes in the magazines, or the film star with 23 hours a day spare to work out with my expensive personal trainer. My story is real, and far less exciting.

Pre 2005: Approaching 30, I realised that my once size 10 body was needing a plus size 14 clothes rail. I was plodding along in a job which was going nowhere, no kids, no marriage…. I simply felt like I existed. No focus or drive.

Early 2006: I bought a fitness magazine and made a vow that I would get fit enough to appear in one! I vowed to run a marathon (aged 35, I I’m about to run my fourth) and most importantly, to learn to love myself.

2011: Fast forward 5 years. I work as a director of a national PR company. I am a qualified personal trainer, I own the house I have always dreamed of here and abroad…. and more importantly than anything…. I am happy! Oh yes…. and I did become a part-time fitness model…. and still eat sweets like there is no tomorrow!

2012: I came up with the idea of Fit Slim Happy and with a friend put the concept into production. Why? Pure and simply – we are hoping FSH will inspire, motivate and give a forum for people to get fit, talk about it, and be happier in their own skins.

I am not pretending my journey has been easy. I have to get up very early some mornings to make time for my workouts and walk the dogs. I have to spend Sunday evening in the kitchen prepping my meals for the week…. but I now feel good on the inside and don’t look too shabby on the outside…. I would never go back to being the pizza loving couch potato that waited for life to come to her. I know that if you want something you have to go out there and grab it!

So, if you have the guts and the determination to make the change, you can have everything you ever wanted! The only person stopping you is YOU!!!

So come on!!! Make the first step today – it takes 5 minutes. Register and show me and all our members what you are truly capable of achieving!!!

If I can do it…. so can you!

Lisa Alexander
Founder of Fit Slim Happy