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Anti-Inflammatory effect
Cognitive function support
Cardiovascular health support

Size:1 kg (2.2 Pound)

Pterostilbene may improve cognition, reduce cholesterol and glucose, and help contribute to an increased or more balanced insulin sensitivity. It is being studied as the better or more effective version of resveratrol because it is more easily absorbed into the body. Pterostilbene has been found to be most effective when combined with Resveratrol in order to increase overall antioxidant performance on vital systems. This ingredient may be added to foods and beverages or smoothies and green drinks. It is a pure white powder and has no fillers, additives or preservatives. Various sizes available for personal use and quantity discounts available on bulk-packed foods and food powders for commercial uses. Only the highest quality natural food and bulk ingredients are sourced through family-owned Prescribed For Life Nutrition. Thank you for shopping with us and please come again!

Anti-Inflammatory effect
Cognitive function support
Cardiovascular health support
May regulate glucose levels

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